GNC 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Anniversary Cake

A yummy 10th Anniversary Cake!

There was plenty to celebrate as Greensboro Neighborhood Congress (GNC) participants met for our 10th anniversary, Saturday, September 14, 2013 at the Greensboro Public Library.  We reveled in accolades such as
impactful”, “grass-roots”, “educational” and “enriching
attributed to our first decade’s accomplishments!

GNC Executive Board

GNC Executive Board Members







Enjoy brief videos which illustrate our pride in our first decade’s accomplishments.

Donna Newton recognizes Marie Stamey of Eastside Park Neighborhood  (~1 minute)

Recognition of Donna Newton by Marsh Prause  (~4 minutes)

Remarks by Donna Newton, Advisor to the GNC   (~22 minutes)

Remarks by Yvonne Johnson, City of Greensboro Mayor Pro Tem  (~3 minutes)

Remarks by Robbie Perkins, City of Greensboro Mayor  (~9 minutes)

Many thanks to Joseph Soler for the videos and to Vanessa Martin for event photos.