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All Greensboro Neighborhood Congress leaders are VOLUNTEERS!

The following GNC leadership volunteers meet routinely to assist over
50 GNC member neighborhoods!

Susan Taaffe represents west Greensboro neighborhoods 336-404-6748
(Position open.  Please volunteer!) represents east Greensboro neighborhoods

Betty Watson  336-274-2063

Membership & Communications Committee
Gerry Alfano 336-707-5406

Issues & Bylaws Committee
Marsh Prause
Michael Pendergraft 336-339-2788

Volunteers Representing the GNC to Greensboro City Council Districts:
District 1: Julie Crowder 336-478-5071
District 2: Laura Blackstock 336-621-3886
District 3: Position open.  Please volunteer!
District 4: Joel Landau 336-698-5567
District 5: Position open.  Please volunteer!