The Greensboro Neighborhood Congress (GNC)  —  a city-wide alliance of neighborhoods  —  seeks to improve the quality of life within the City of Greensboro by addressing issues of city-wide importance and by empowering neighborhoods to resolve neighborhood-specific concerns.

Is YOUR neighborhood represented in the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress?  It can be!Greensboro Neighborhood Congress Tree Logo

  • First view this brochure to learn who we are, what we do, what to expect through your participation, and our recent accomplishments. 
  • Next read the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress (GNC) Bylaws which describe neighborhood membership.
  • NEW >>> GNC members please review the draft of a new GNC Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and Strategies document.  Ask your questions prior to an anticipated vote for Bylaws approval Thursday, August 10, 2017, 7-9 p.m. at the Greensboro Public Library.
  • Feel free to contact Susan Taaffe for guidance in the membership process.  336-404-6748.
  • Then download, complete, and submit your neighborhood’s GNC membership application.

View a list of neighborhoods that have participated or are participating in the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress.  (Please note: This list was updated August 24,  2016.  Our GNC Membership Chairperson volunteer is working toward more up-to-date information.  Contact Gerry Alfano 336-707-5406.)

View a list of Greensboro Neighborhoods (as of July 2012) that previously provided their own neighborhood’s primary contact persons.  (Please note:
This list is out of date and will be updated when our GNC Membership Chairperson volunteer has updated information.  Gerry Alfano 336-707-5406)